6-week Fitness Challenge


Our 6-week Fitness Challenge allows everyone to compete at any fitness level.  Employees are grouped into teams of 5 to workout and compete during the challenge.  They accumulate points by working out either in our Onsite Group Fitness Classes or on their own.  Workouts intensity ranges from walking 2-miles to Beginner’s Boot Camp.  Everyone gets the opportunity to get more active regardless of their fitness level.

The ultimate individual goal is to complete 30-workouts in 42-days (6-weeks).  Each team must complete 150- 200 workouts to be eligible as finalist.

Coaching and Accountability

Over the course of the 6-week Program they will get daily encouragement and accountability from a fitness coach.  In addition the camaraderie among the group pushes the employees to work harder to achieve their goals.

We keep track of team and individual progress on a leader board that is posted among the groups on a weekly basis.

Unique Benefits

No other program is like our Fitness Challenge.  It’s unique because it allows anyone to be able to participate.  Our fitness classes are on-site to ensure participation.  And the competition encourages people to push further than they would otherwise.

At the end of the program you have a group that has worked out more in the past 6-weeks than they have all of the previous year.  They are more energetic and happy at work.  And the competition supports all other team-building program within the corporation.

Program Features include:

  • Dietary Low-carb Meal Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Food Exchange List
  • Group Orientation
  • Body Composition Measurements (BMI & Body Fat)
  • Pre-program, Mid-point, and  Post-program Weigh-ins
  • Onsite Group Fitness Classes: Zumba, Yoga, Boot Camp (Beginner Level)

Help us help your people grow healthier.  Pick up the phone and call today.

For proposal and details contact Glad: 954-245-7911


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