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Healthy employees are productive employees.  At Glad Health & Fitness is a health and fitness company that is changing institutions from the inside-out.  Our unique approach towards health and fitness combines all the best on-site group fitness classes with health education.  We are continuing to seek new ways to improve our programs to add value to each employee. This means that we continue to change the format of the classes so your body continues to get results.

Our goal is to improve the health of each employee by helping to make better decisions when it comes to their health.  We achieve through our unique combination of health education and fitness.

We understand that change doesn’t happen overnight.  Therefore, our approach is to help support each employee through the change process.  Over the next year in our program we aim to help them to take responsibility over their health and begin making changes that will impact their wellness.


“…I have lost 16 lbs, but more importantly I have lost 22 lbs of fat.  I have lost a lot of inches as well.  My core is so strong now that I no longer have back pain.  I have definition in my arms and legs.  I am stronger.  My balance is better.  I sleep better.  My metabolism works better.  My skin looks better.  My mood is better.  My confidence is better.  I could go on and on!…”


“…I have lost about 8 lbs over the time that I have worked with Glad but more importantly I notice that my arms, legs, thighs, and most importantly my butt (lol) are all much more toned. I am ex-military and the main thing I despised about the military was running but since joining Glad’s Fitness my endurance and determination has increased dramatically… ”



Our Purpose

Glad Health & Fitness is a health and fitness company with the mission to teach institutions how to improve the wellness of their employees.  We are passionate about edifying people through our comprehensive corporate wellness programs.  We want to improve the lives of others by making lasting changes in their well-being through each achieved milestone.

Our Target

We want to change the way people think about corporate wellness through the Glad Health & Fitness experience.

We will set the industry standard in on-site corporate wellness through our comprehensive wellness program which improve people’s lives from the inside-out

We positively impact the lives of people in our corporate partners through our high standard of excellence in customer service. Our professionalism and willingness to improve sets us apart in our industry.

We will use state-of-the-art health and wellness approaches to better serve all of our members.


 Core Values

  1. Faith- Believing all things will work out and then taking corresponding action
  2. Family- Peace of mind by taking care of family first.
  3. Charity- Impacting the lives of others through giving of time, talents and finances.
  4. Community- Connecting people to create networks for support.
  5. Service- “Wowing” everyone with our standard of excellence.
  6. Passion- Do what you love, and you will love what you do.
  7. Happiness- Intentionally enjoying the journey towards happiness.
  8. Humility- Knowing you don’t have all the answers, thus being able seek and receive advice.
  9. Personal Development- Constant pursuit of growing personally and professionally.
  10. Fun- Adding a little bit of your personality always makes things fun.


Gladimir Simeon, B.S., Health Fitness Specialist

Author, Speaker, Coach

You just have to have guidance to lead you in the direction until you can do it yourself ~ Tina Yothers

Gladimir “Glad” Simeon founded Glad Health & Fitness after receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University in hope of enriching people’s lives through fitness. He is a certified Health Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine. Working in many different capacities, he has garnered his experience in working with a diverse population.

As a motivational fitness speaker, he who empowers others by helping them realize that their dreams are possible. His powerful message “Why Wait? Why Right Now Is the Right Time.” has moved his audience into action.

As a trainer, Glad has led his clients to push themselves past their limitations towards new physical milestones while building confidence along the way. The variety in his exercise programs has produced results that have kept his clients motivated over time.

Connect with Glad

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Glad Health & Fitness is a health and fitness company that is changing lives through our unique approaches. Our innovative approach towards overall health and fitness has garnered lasting change with our clients. We are continuing to seek new ways to improve the lives of others. Our goal is to build self-confidence in people through our services based on our three fundamental pillars: support, motivation and guidance.

Support Programs

  • Weight Loss at Work Program

Guidance Programs

  • Calorie Learn & Burn Workshops

Action Programs

  • Fitness Challenges
  • On-site Group Fitness Classes

Gladimir Simeon, B.S., ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

Gladimir Simeon, B.S.,  Health Fitness Specialist


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