Calorie Burn and Learn Workshops


Our Calorie Burn & Learn is a unique 75-minute Workshop that targets specific health and fitness issues that affects our population.  All workshops are good for every fitness level and can accommodate 15 participants per 75-minute workshop session.

We tackle the specific issue in the first 30-minutes of our interactive workshop by first learning about the issue, address misconceptions, and learn best practices.

Then the second half of the workshop the participants engage in the health and fitness activity and learn in real time through demonstration, trial, then exercise.

Workshop Agenda

For example, a popular workshop is Attacking Belly-fat.  The first 35-minutes would discuss what the audience already knows, then teach why belly-fat is so stubborn and hard to get rid of. The participants would learn how diet, lifestyle, and exercise affects belly-fat.  Then participants would learn best practices like the proper diet, active lifestyle, and most effective exercises.

The second 35-minutes would be teaching the participants proper technique to be effective, avoid injury, and how to keep gaining results.  This includes floor, chair and standing exercises.

Increasing Program Participation

The workshops are unique in their approach because it introduces the exercises in a non-intimidating way.  This helps with increasing participation in other corporate health and fitness activities.

The Calorie-burn & Learn compliments our other Corporate Fitness Challenge Programs by answering all the participants health and fitness questions in small, supportive environment beforehand.

For proposal or details please contact Glad at: 954-245-7911

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