Body Tone- Experience a full body strength training workout! Get results with the challenge of a variety of exercises designed to lift, tone and strengthen.

Yoga- Empower your mind and strengthen your body as you move through a series of invigorating yoga poses. Build long lean muscles as you challenge your flexibility and stamina.

Zumba- Turn up the heat! Burn calories while you shake up your workout. Experience the energy of dancing to a “hot” Latin-fused workout.

Cycling Fusion- Join a fun blend of intense cardio for fat loss, and core training for toning and lifting all in 60 minutes.


Boot Camp- Burn between 300- 400 calories in this 60 minute circuit workout that blends toning and cardio exercises. Exercises vary from class to class to keep your body gaining results.

Cardio Meltdown- This fast-paced Tabatha style workout melts away fat through high-intensity bodyweight cardio exercise. Burn anywhere from 300-500 calories in 60 minutes!

20/20/20- Get ready to tone and define your body with our a high-energy, full-body workout with 20 min. of strength training, 20 min. of cardio and 20 min. of abs.

Kettlebell etc.- Jump, squat, and sweat your way to your dream body. This high-intensity, high-impact cardio workout will torch fat and leave you energized.

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