Susan B. Anthony Center Boot Camp

Helping Mothers And Children Through Health And Fitness

Innovative and intimate health and fitness company collaborates with the Susan B. Anthony Center, a full-service residential treatment center which provides Residential Addiction Treatment programs for pregnant women and mothers with children.

–Sunrise/Pembroke Pines, Florida, January 19, 2015: 

Glad Health & Fitness (GHF), where “YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO CHANGE”, is officially open for business and is partnering with the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center, one of the few full-service residential treatment centers in the country for pregnant women and mothers with children.  Much more than a fitness studio, Glad Health & Fitness is a unique place for those looking for alternative options other than going into a gym to get healthy.  Glad Health & Fitness specializes in intimate on-site group fitness classes and partners with Silver Sneakers to provide senior fitness classes throughout Broward County.  Glad Health & Fitness has now broadened its efforts to support the Susan B. Anthony Center in Pembroke Pines, to provide group fitness sessions, health workshops and free “Mommy and Me Field Day” to reach out to a group of women who need a more holistic approach to building a drug and alcohol-free life for them and their children.

The Susan B. Anthony Center allows mothers to rebuild their lives by getting their GED, attend on-site 12 step programs, get mental health counseling and take nutrition and cooking classes all while keeping custody of their children.  Glad Health & Fitness is committed to helping the women at the Susan B. Anthony Center by teaching them that their mental health is very much connected to their physical health and well-being.  Family health focused classes in nutrition and how to make healthy meals/snacks, along with various adult fitness classes, such as Boot Camp and Zumba, will be offered in January 2015 to show the moms and their children that fitness is not only fun, but a great way to create a family bond that might not exist otherwise. “We look forward to the classes and workshops not only for us, but for our kids. We want to get healthy for them but we honestly don’t know how.  But with these ‘Mommy and Me Field Days’ we can learn to play with our kids and teach them to be healthy too”, says one resident of the Susan B. Anthony Center.

For more information on the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center, or if you know a mom who needs support, please visit www.susanbanthonycenter.org or contact Christopher H. or Monica C. at (954) 733-6068

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Gladimir Simeon


19 Jan, 2015