Transform your conference room into a high-energy fitness class. These Onsite Group Fitness Classes are a great addition to your ongoing corporate wellness program.

Lack of  time and lack of access are the two main reasons why most adults don’t exercise.  You can eliminate those excuses with our Beginner Level Fitness Classes.

Fitness For Everyone

Our On-site Group Fitness Classes are at the Beginner Level.  Therefore, everyone that chooses to participate can do so without prior fitness experience.

The goal of the program is to eventually get each participant to push themselves towards their fitness goals.  With each class completed they gain more confidence with taking ownership of their health.

Unique Fitness Classes

Each class is taught by a certified fitness instructor.  Each instructor has experience with beginner level fitness enthusiast.

However, each class is meant to increase the fitness level of the employee.  We accomplish this by gradually challenging the participants each week.

We focus on increasing the fitness levels of the employees in the most important areas of fitness:

  • Zumba for Cardio
  • Yoga for Balance and Flexibility
  • Boot Camp for Muscle Tone

Take Action

Don’t let the opportunity to boost your corporate wellness program pass you by.  Pick up the phone and call today!

For a proposal or details please call Glad at: 954-245-7911

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