Prescription Meds

No Diabetes Meds

My co-workers and I decided as a group to begin exercising to lose weight and get our bodies’ back in shape.  Also, we agreed to keep each other accountable and motivated as we began working out.  We wanted a personal trainer who would work on our unique time schedule and Gladimir found a schedule that we could all follow. Since we’ve started with him, I have lost 22 lbs and the inches are coming off as well. I’m not sure how many inches thus far, but as long as I keep seeing results and feel better I’m happy. More importantly, Glad’s workouts have been keeping from having to take medicine for diabetes. His approach to dieting is unique. He doesn’t tell you what to eat and how to eat, but he informs you on how changing your eating habits and staying hydrated will make you feel in and out of your workouts.  I would recommend Glad Health & Fitness to others.


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20 May, 2014