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Lost 22lbs of Fat

I started exercising for a number of reasons. I was the overweight, depressed, and tired as well.  I decided to make a series of lifestyle changes and after years of half-hearted attempts to exercise, I took control of my health and body.

You were recommended to me as a personal trainer by an acquaintance who was also a client.  After meeting with you, I knew that my goals would be best achieved by working with you.  Your style and emphasis on total body health, not just physical but also the mental aspect made a lot of sense to me.  It didn’t seem to be a “drill sergeant” style of training and that appealed to me.

I have lost 16 lbs, but more importantly I have lost 22 lbs of fat.  I have lost a lot of inches as well.  My core is so strong now that I no longer have back pain.  I have definition in my arms and legs.  I am stronger.  My balance is better.  I sleep better.  My metabolism works better.  My skin looks better.  My mood is better.  My confidence is better.  I could go on and on!

I now realize that I’m stronger than I thought I was.  I now know that fitness is an ongoing process – you are always climbing.  I learned that so much of training is mental.   You must have the right attitude or training/fitness will never work for you.  You are looking for failure because that gives you a goal to aim for.  I learned that you are in control of your body and you have the power to change it.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone and I already do!. This is because I believe in the style of training and exercises used – you don’t need any special requirements to do this, anyone can participate.  The personal training classes are small so you do get the personal attention and don’t feel like you’re just a number in some huge class.  The atmosphere you create is not intimidating at all, like some of the larger gyms where everyone looks perfect all the time.  Participants will work hard but never be bored – the work outs change all the time.  Honestly, even if you only attend once a week (that’s how I started), you will notice a difference!


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21 May, 2014