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Join our new exciting 12-week Weight Loss Support Group with our goal is to safely lose in our 12-weeks session program.   You can attain your weight loss goal in a fun and supportive environment.   Our goal is to get you where you want to be while making friends along the way.

Change is an ongoing process and this program allows your employees to transform over time.  Weight loss is more than just picking a diet.  It takes education, accountability and support to change.

Making Better Decisions

Our sessions are led by health and fitness experts.  We believe that knowledge is the key to your weight loss success.  Therefore, we strive to educate our participants from misinformation and gimmicks.

We believe through education we can change the negative weight gaining behaviors.  This does not automatically happen but it does happen over time.

Unique Employee Benefits

At the end of the program your employees will recognize the impact each decision has on their health.  They will be better informed on their individual health.  In addition, they will learn about portion control for weight loss.

We stay away from points to teach employees how to portion control their way to weight loss.  We also teach ways of staying active throughout the day to accelerate weight loss results.

Program features include: 

  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Expert guidance
  • Accountability and support
  • Low-carb Meal Plan
  • Food Exchange List
  • Shopping List

Take Action

Sign up today for our upcoming session and gain the tools for your success.

For a proposal or details please call Glad at: 954-245-7911

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