Group Fitness ClassThe Wellness Expansion Program is a wellness initiative to bring fitness, health education and support to our communities. Our goal is to empower people to make lasting lifestyle changes. Preventable diseases account for two out of three adult deaths in the U.S. We are facing an epidemic. We are teaming up with local municipalities and other organizations to bring wellness to those needing it the most. Keeping fitness fun and accessible is the key to healthier communities.

Clearly, there is a serious need to do more. However, what separates us in our industry is that we are doing something about it. We believe it takes more than a gym membership to help people reach their health goals. Support is necessary and is a pillar of our programming. We are continually working on introducing new programs to achieve our fitness initiatives. Initially, we will begin our Wellness Expansion Programs with Action, Weight Management and Healthier Kids programs.


Action Programs

The initial component of the Wellness Expansion Program begins with our Group Fitness Classes, Senior Fitness Classes and Private Training.  We have kept the monthly membership low to give everyone the opportunity to participate.  We have also joined with national companies, like SilverSneakers, who share our “fitness for all” notion.  SilverSneakers allows seniors to participate in group fitness classes for free depending on their insurance carrier.

Group Fitness Classes

Senior Fitness Classes

Fitness Studio

Weight Management

Our Weight Management Program is based on building a network of supporters to achieve health goals. The program includes nutritional education, dietary meal plans, weight loss support groups and wellness coaching. Empowering our members begins with knowledge.  We share proven methods for a healthier lifestyle in our Wellness Workshops.  Additionally, we offer a weight loss support group instructed by a health and fitness professional.  For additional support we are teaming with local Wellness Coaches to provide one-on-one health guidance.

Weight Management Programs

Healthier Kids

The third component is the Healthier Kids programs.  There are other companies that have similar initiatives and we plan to team up with them to provide a comprehensive program for children.  Through nutrition education and outside games we believe we impact today’s youth.  Childhood obesity is rampant in our society.  We must act now if we want to stop this epidemic.

Youth Fitness Programs

  • Healthier Kids
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