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Calorie Burn & Learn

Engage your group with our new 60 minute Calorie Burn & Learn fitness workshop.  This workshop is a cutting edge way to inspire your group to begin an exercise program.  We combine an informative 30 minute wellness lecture with a fun 30 minute group fitness class.   We empower our participants with the truth about health and fitness and clarifying any misconceptions.  In addition, all of the exercises are beginner level exercises and can be modified for any fitness capacity.

This workshop is ideal for any group or organization looking to encourage their group to make healthier lifestyle choices.  The Calorie Burn & Learn has sparked change among its participants.  The lectures are engaging and informative.  The listeners are able to apply their new knowledge the same day.

Lectures topics

  1. Having More Energy at the End of the Day
  2. Exercising for Health
  3. Benefits of Fitness Training


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